David Salvage is a modern artist who works in digital, oil, paper, collage and encaustic media.   He is a BA from Sarah Lawrence College and has attended the MFA Program at New York Unviversity.   His work has been featured in numerous local galleries,  in college art collections,  and wil be on display at Art Basel Miami.   He has received numerous awards and residencies.   He currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.   

My work represents a passionate search for the juxtaposition of antinomies – between the sensuous immediacy of paint and the ethereal qualities of abstract biomorphic forms. Between the ancient practices of encaustic painting and the 21st century possibilities offered by digital art.   I am intrigued by images that relate to the intersection of the universe at both subatomic and cellular levels as well as the vastness of intergalactic space and the phenomenon of dark matter, supernovas, and string theory. My creative efforts are stimulated by questions such as, “How do phenomena like dark matter, genetic mutation, black holes and wormholes be understood in terms of their impact upon our consciousness of life both at cellular and geopolitical levels?” “How does the world of cyberspace provide both deceptive disruptions of visual surfaces as well as exciting new possibilities for changing consciousness through the rapid juxtaposition and layering of imagery?” 
I create artwork that alludes to these phenomenon – and then engage a combination of oils, encaustic media, printed papers, and a number of digital manipulations of photographic imagery and found images to create layered paintings.   My art attempts to unite these disparate threads in a manner that raises questions more than it provides answers, and to challenge the form of pictorial representation of aesthetics into the zeitgeist of our era.

David Salvage